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The Creative School

At Creative School we believe that what distinguishes a good school from a bad school - are clear goals, exceptional teachers and convincing results. A school is a place where student devotion is deep, where the teacher contributes to the intellectual, moral, emotional and social growth of each student. Here, students, teachers and parents go on an academic journey with clearly defined goals. Students are full of the joy of discovery and enthusiasm about personal problems and growth.

Creative School is dedicated to the development of a perfect and robust power in all dimensions of a student's life. And this place has a unique and lasting impact on students, the development of those they are today, and the idea of who they will be in the coming years.

The Creative School aims to become an excellent school. In short, our task is to prepare students for achieving their academic goals and to lead healthy, principled and prosperous lives.

Thanks to our talented teacher, we know every child, including their interests and passions, and what ignites their intellectual fire. Creative School offers students a rigorous research and training program, and, in turn, we encourage them to excel in all aspects of their lives. We prepare our students intellectually, developing a love for learning and common sense. We provide our students with a framework for understanding the world and the skills and characteristics necessary for success.

Creative School recommends that you read our website to learn more about our curriculum and extracurricular activities, our teachers and our staff and our school community. If you want to know more or plan a trip to Creative School, please contact our registration desk.

At Creative School, we believe that intellectual development, learning, and character are complementary and equally important learning objectives. With a strong commitment to our core values and a rigorous academic program, we prepare students for leading a life of meaning, success and generosity.

Creative School aims to:

  • Understand the mission of the Creative School through our philosophy and our educational practice
  • To promote a diverse and inclusive learning community that values all voices and views
  • Ensure a balanced educational experience that integrates research, athletics and art
  • Encourage our students to become independent thinkers, focusing on research, initiatives and reflections
  • Emphasize gratitude for the world of nature and the responsibility
  • To act with compassion, civic awareness and commitment