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Creative Sports Academy

Sports facilities are designed not only for residential complexes, public recreation centers and hotels. Another popular site is the college campus or university. Sports facility benefits colleges and universities in countless ways and have a great impact on their communities

Sports facilities lead to more active students and teachers. And more active students and teachers mean a healthier way of life for everyone. Sports facilities at college and other public places will encourage students and teachers to participate more actively, to work in team sports. This campus culture promotes healthy habits on campus.

Sport plays a vital role in building a person and maintaining good health. Creative School has specially developed a sports environment that meets international standards and offers all our students a truly global experience. All this will be provided on the campus.

The Creative School offers a talent development program designed to help its students become the best athlete possible. We introduce many sports activities that help you grow mentally and as well as physically.

Indoor Sports

  • Table Tennis: Various tournaments are conducted to entertain students and develop their mind skills.
  • Carom & Chess: The Carom and Chess event is held on annual basis.
  • Martial Arts: Fighting tournaments are arranged for the students who are active in sports.
  • Cricket: There is a proper cricket ground for students, and there is dedicated coach to train them accordingly.
  • Football: A football ground is there for the interested students along with the facility of the coach.
  • Basket Ball: There is a proper basketball court for students and a dedicated coach to train them.
  • Athletics: Many facilities are given to students to enhance their athletic capabilities.
  • Badminton: There is a badminton court and a dedicated coach for students.
  • Co-curricular & Personality Development: Proper counseling of students is conducted on regular basis in this program to ensure that the students are under safe guidance and stable environment.
  • Creative Discipline & Culture School: Moral ethics, civic service knowledge and cultural values are introduced to make students good citizens as well.