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Creative Music & Dance Academy

Creative School provides a dedicated music and dance teacher for those students who are interested in extracurricular activities or want to pursue music or dance as a part of the further career. The teachers are well-known and experienced in their relevant fields.

Creative School not only benefits those who study art, but also enrich the community to which they belong. It act as a window in the vast world of performing arts, organize high-quality productions and attract the best professional talents to learn and play.

Creative School has a theater, classrooms and conference rooms that expand student art education and provide students and the public with access to a variety of events. It offers artistic programs to attract local people and often include lectures, dance performances and concerts.

Creative School is actively involved in the overall development of students, and as a result, it attaches great importance to out-of-class research with scientists.

Department of Performing Arts - Creative School

Creative School has its own department of performing arts. It is truly pride and joy to say that Creative School is one of the few colleges where such activities are important, and there are qualified, educated and dedicated employees who professionally teach students.

Creative School believes in the overall development of the student. That is why the Institute has its own music department, which prepares students in the field of performing arts.

The facility includes a music and dance club as a separate department on the campus.

There are separate rooms for the music and dance club, where students receive music training under the guidance of qualified specialists.

All kinds of instruments Western and Indian are available for the study.