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Core Values

Creative School has always believed that the development of the character of the student is as important as the education for intellectual growth. Through values, students learn to use their intelligence and skills and serve others effectively.

In Creative School we strive to instill self-discipline, self-confidence and integrity among our students. We believe in the education of the whole person so that every student at the school is well prepared to achieve personal goals and is filled with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and enthusiasm. Sports and other activities stimulate the spirit of healthy competition and cooperation at Creative School. Therefore, they learn leadership and teamwork, the glory of victory and the importance of losing with grace, but the desire to improve the next time.

The Creative School identified the following five core values as ethical and moral principles that allow each of us in the community to develop good judgment and guide the principles of life:


  • Understand the circumstances and attitudes of other people
  • Develop the ability to forgive others and ourselves
  • Consider the contributions of others
  • Promote a peaceful, loving and safe community


  • Protect what we believe in
  • Be honest with us and others
  • Demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions
  • Respect commitments and promises


  • Believe in the inherent dignity of all
  • Celebrate the individuality
  • Variety of cost and value
  • Honor yourself and others with words and deeds


  • Accept our behavior as individuals
  • Have the courage to think and act independently
  • Demonstrate solutions to problems and decision-making
  • Be reliable


  • Find positive ways to participate in the broader community
  • Share your time and talents with others
  • Play an active role in school and community opportunities
  • Celebrate participation in the services